Enco Toll

Toll Road Transaction System Equipment


Gardu Toll Otomatis

GTO is a device to perform the data verification
process and respond to the data in the processes and protocols of the Bank that has been predetermined with data writing accuracy 99.99% and transaction speed 1-2 seconds.



1 - 2 Sec

Reading Speed

2 GB



Palang Otomatis

Palmat – Automatic Lane Barrier (ALB) is a tool equipped with a door or ARM cross that is mounted on a toll booths column that serves as a lane barrier. This equipment has the speed of open and close time 0.3 second without a beat, will open automatically in case of Power-off. The barrier is equipped with LXD Sensor as a safeguard, ensuring the area under ARM is no vehicle (object) crossing. It has been tested reliability field and is suitable for those who need a lot of transaction speed.

0.3 Sec

Opening/Closing Time

2,5 M

Barrier Width


Index Protection


Infrared Beam Array

IBA is an optical Sensor that is one of the devices in the transaction system in the toll booths to detect vehicles by implementing a profile scanner system. IBA has two parts, namely transmitter and receiver. The scanning process is done continuously between the transmitter and receiver, using some of the main components of Infrared (transmitter) and Photodiode (receiver). This Infrared and Photodiode Sync, will turn on alternately (one by one) with the synchronization of Infrared and other Photodiode, in which the turns on this alternating process is done at a high speed. As an indication, when the IBA is blocked by the vehicle, there will be indications of LEDS lit on the receiver device.

20 m

Range Opration

40 m/s

Detection Response Time


Index Protection


Customer Display Panel

CDP function is to provide information to road users. Information conveyed to road users consist of gate of origin of the transaction, vehicle class, tariff and balance value on the E-Payment transaction. CDP is installed behind the transaction substation. Inside the CDP is the Low Traffic Lights (LLB) module.

5 mm

LED Technology


Color Display

120 cm



Counting vehicle axles, counting the number of car tires in one axle

Vehicles Wheels

Sensor Detect

Piezo Electric

Type Sensor

Microcontroller AVR



Upper Traffic Light

LLA displays the lane status to road users, A green arrow means the lane is ready to serve transactions, while a red cross indicates that the lane cannot serve transactions.

Water Proof


LED Super Bright


Zoom3 Pin 19mm


Centralized ALPR

Centralized Automatic Licensed Plate Recognition

Centralized Automatic Licensed Plate Recognition (ALPR) equipment consists of CPU Controller equipment, Storage Server, Centralized AI Application Server, CCTV monitoring ALPR, Network Devices, and also Usage Applications.

Progressive Scan

Image Sensor

IR Iluminator 30 Angle with 220m approx range

IR Iluminator

Zoom Box

Type Camera