Huge Prospect, Delameta to export Smart City Device to Malaysia – Plans for regional development of Indonesian exports in terms of providing and integrating smart cities between countries are being actively promoted by a number of parties in the country. One of them is a smart city platform and device manufacturer from Indonesia.

Delameta Bilano, through his presentation and presentation at the RDC Summit forum in Putra Jaya, Malaysia, earlier this month

Delameta’s Director of Finance & Investment, Dimas Al Ichsan, said that his party has a portfolio of more than 33 years in Indonesia in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) research, which has now developed into a smart city provider.

“Hopefully exporting abroad will make a positive contribution to the country’s foreign exchange in accordance with the company’s mission,” said Dimas in his statement.

Delameta Boosts Exports of Smart City Devices to Malaysia

The same thing was also expressed by the Minister of Economic Affairs for the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia, Hendra P Iskandar. He said that Delameta himself had also held an audience with the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, to discuss efforts to accelerate exports.

He emphasized that his party really supports domestic Indonesian products to be exported to the Malaysian market. This is because there are still big opportunities open in the field of smart city devices, in line with the trend that is currently popular in neighboring countries.

“Because smart city devices are also something that is being widely developed here,” said Hendra.

It is known that Delameta Bilano is a company that develops smart city devices and platforms in a number of fields, such as transportation, health & environment, finance & commerce, energy monitoring, vital government objects, digital platforms & community.