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Delameta Bilano is a National Company that experienced as a Producer of control system technology in transportation payment in Indonesia for 29 years. Along with the availability of vast business and exciting challenges in Indonesia as well as to local entrepreneurs to participate, PT. Delameta Bilano established on the date May 28, 1990 that based in Jl. Jend Ahamd Yani No.2, East Jakarta, as a national private company engaged in the field of Industrial Engineering & Engineering Micro Control Systems, Communications & Electronics and Trade.

PT. Delameta Bilano comply with the various national regulation, and also certified with international standard of ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. We also follow the compliance of Audited Financial Report and Audited IT System Security.

In accordance with BI (Bank Indonesia), Delameta Bilano has come into the possession of payment gateway permission to maintain and support each and every transaction within transportation sector.


To become the next level national technology industry company, that operationally and financially healthy and providing optimal contributions to the stakeholders.


  1. Implement and support government policies in the field of economic development programs in general and in particular in the field of infrastructure.
  2. Participate in saving the country’s foreign trade by building and producing technologically advance equipment and reducing imports of equipment.
  3. To be a strong company that able to provide optimal contribution to all lines involved, such as stakeholders, government, employees, and society.
  4. Provide job opportunities for the community.
  5. Support the Regional Autonomy Program to increase regional income.
  6. Generate mission to drive the optimal profit.
  7. Increase foreign trade surplus by exporting local products.



PT. Delameta Bilano (the "Company") was founded on May 8,1990 at the provider of the first toll collection system in Indonesia using local and imported equipment


Manage transaction in more than 70% Toll Concessions in Indonesia


• Producing the first closed toll transaction system in Indonesia• Implementing Smart Card Reader & Dispenser Technology, Automatic Vehicle Classification System (AVCS), Electronic Data Payment Processing Sytsem


• The Company s a Technology manufacturer, System Integrator & Development has Restrategized its business model to become a leader in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 in Indonesia • Manage Auto Gate Pass of Tanjung Priok Port • Managing the traffic Information Center Kualanamu Toll Road


• Obtaining a Bank Indonesia Payment Gateway Permit • Managing Angkasa Puro Kargo Parking System • Launched Encobus and served TransJakarta tap on bus transactions • Installation of People Gate and e-payment for tourist destination in Bali


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