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Who We Are?

Delameta Bilano is a national company that has been successfully operating as a transportation system manufacturer in Indonesia for 33 years.

In line with the subsequent expansion of large-scale and attractive Indonesian business ventures as well as the encouragement of local entrepreneurs to expand, PT Delameta Bilano was established on May 28, 1990, and is headquartered at Perkantoran Pulomas 1 Gd. 2 Lt.4 No.3B, Jl. Jend Ahamd Yani No. 2 Jakarta Timur. It is a national enterprise specializing in industrial and microsystems engineering, communication and electronics, and petroleum.

In addition to adhering to several national regulations, PT Delameta Bilano is certified to international standards such as ISO QMS 9001:2015, EMS 14001:2015, OHSMS 45001:2018, ISMS 27001:2013, and ABMS 37001:2016. We also maintain the audited TI system’s integrity and its audited liquidity.

In accordance with BI (Bank Indonesia), Delameta Bilano has a payment gateway that may be used to safeguard and facilitate every transaction in the transportation sector.

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