The Prolongation of the Toll Road – Some of us are familiar to the use of toll roads to travel, especially for you 4-wheeler or more. Commonly used to shorten travel time from one city to another, but as is known, to access the toll line needs to be prepared payment set for entry access. But do you know what the abbreviation of TOL is?

What Is Toll Road?

Toll is Tax on Location. This is why users are charged to be able to use this toll line. The rate also depends on the toll line accessed or the mileage used by each vehicle

Meanwhile, quoting from web, it said the history of the toll road in Indonesia began in 1978 with the operation of Jagorawi Toll with a length of 59 kilometers (listed access lines), which connect Jakarta, Bogor, and Ciawi.

History of Toll Development in Indonesia

The construction of the initial toll road in Indonesia began in 1975, tested by the government with funding from government budgets and foreign loans handed to PT. Jasa Marga (persero) Tbk, as capital. Next PT. Jasa Marga is tasked by the government to build a toll road financed by the government.

Starting in 1987 private entities participated in toll road investment as toll road operator by signing the corporate power agreement (PKP) with PT Jasa Marga.

As of 2007, 553 kilometers of toll roads were formed and operated in Indonesia. Of the total length, 418 kilometers of toll road is operated by PT Jasa Marga and the remaining 135 kilometers are operated by other private.

In the period 1995 to 1997, attempted to accelerate the construction of toll roads through tender 19 toll lines for 762 kilometers. But this effort was halted due to the monetary crisis in July 1997 that led the government to delay the toll road development program with the issuance of Presidential Decree Number. 39/1997.

As a result of the delay, the construction of toll roads in Indonesia faced stagnance, tested with only the construction of 13, 30 kilometers toll roads in the period 1997-2001. In 1998 the Government produced the Presidential Decree No. 7/1998 on Government and Private Cooperation in the provision of Infrastructure.

Next in 2002 the Government produced the Presidential Decree No. 15/2002 on the forwarding of infrastructure projects. The government also conducts assessment and forwarding of toll road pending project. From 2001 to 2004, there were four lines with a total length of 41, 80 kilometers.

In 2004, Law No. 38 of 2004 on Line mandating the manufacture of BPJT as a replacement for regulator position which has been held by PT Jasa Marga.

The process of building the toll line again expanded the acceleration phase starting in 2005. On June 28, 2005, the Toll Road Regulator was built as a toll line regulator in Indonesia. The continuation of 19 toll road projects whose construction was delayed in 1997 was again attempted.

But not to finish there, of course, until now, both the government and private will still continue to build highway infrastructure for better sustainability in Indonesia.

There are also all this time the construction of toll roads will always be done using 3 approaches is full financing by Public Private Partnership/PPP and government development financing with private-maintenance operations.


So you have known what the story of Toll Road that we often call everyday, tomorrow when someone asks you again do not be confused.