Transportation Project

Delameta Bilano and a Domestic Car Company Collaborate on a Transportation Project, Jakarta – Bayu Wicaksono, President Director of Delameta Bilano, appreciates the willingness of the board of directors of PT Mobilan Anak Bangsa (MAB) is transportation project, led by MAB President Director, Leonard, at the MAB office in Jakarta last week.

“We from Delameta Bilano are very happy to visit and feel welcomed and share a meeting with the board of directors of MAB while exploring some cooperation opportunities forward.” We want to contribute to the development of electric vehicles in Indonesia, said Bayu Wicaksono in a written statement issued on Sunday (19/1).

On that occasion, Bayu Wicaksono explained the history and trajectory of Delameta Bilano as an experienced transportation company with innovative products such as automatic lane crossing, e-payment, automatic plate reading system, traffic commander center intelligence, and parking system intelligence.

Delameta Bilano, who also has a payment gateway license from Bank Indonesia, currently manages cashless transactions in 19 toll sectors in Indonesia, according to him. Supporting toll segments in Balikpapan-Samarinda’s new capital, as well as cross-transport ecosystems such as Tanjung Priok Main Port, Transjakarta, and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Cargo.

“Delameta Bilano is also constructing an integrated technology manufacturing area in Sadang Purwakarta Industry,” explained Bayu Wicaksono, who was accompanied by Delameta George Kuahaty (Komisaris), Ungul K Yudoyano (Senior Advisor), Reza RH (Director of Operations), Ivan (GM Business Development), Hirzi (Manager Business Development), and Alay Rebang (Advisor).” (Delamenta Bilano)” According to Bayu Wicaksono, PT Delameta Bilano is a 29-year-old national company founded on May 18, 1990 in Jakarta. Delameta Bilano dreams of becoming a leading national pride industry company in the region that is both operationally and financially sound.

Delameta Bilano’s mission is to become a company that promotes domestic research in order to develop flagship products for the country that are competitive in both national and global markets, as well as to promote the values of collaboration and synergy.

Earlier, Leonard stated that PT MAB MayJend TNI (Purn) was initiated and established with a focus on engaging in electric car engineering as a public transportation car in Indonesia.

Leonard stated, “The MAB electric car is a solution to eco-friendly city transportation, and we look forward to supporting government efforts to reduce air pollution.”

Leonard hopes that government support will be fueled by the domestic electric vehicle industry’s rapid growth. We sold the first electric bus to PT Payton and are currently producing a large number of electric buses to meet PPD orders for the city’s transportation needs, he explained.

He invited PT Delameta Bilano to join him in the advancement of transportation project technology.

We are ready to collaborate with Delameta in whatever field is discussed further in the next meeting, said Leonard, who was accompanied by GM Business Development Prabowo Kartoleksono, GM Marketing Harsono Wibowo, and Director of Finance Kelik.