Enco Vis

Traffic Surveillance Information System

Digital Traffic Monitoring System equipment consists of CCTV Monitoring equipment, Storage Servers, NVR Servers, Network Devices, and also usage applications.

Centralized ALPR

Centralized Automatic Licensed Plate Recognition

Centralized Automatic Licensed Plate Recognition (ALPR) equipment consists of CPU Controller equipment, Storage Server, Centralized AI Application Server, CCTV monitoring ALPR, Network Devices, and also Usage Applications.

Progressive Scan CMOS

Image Sensor

IR Illuminator 30˚ Angle, With 220 m approx range

IR Illuminator

Zoom Box Camera

Type Camera

CCTV Main Road

Strategically mounted on the main road, has a high potential to provide corroborative evidence about many of the most commonly occurring factors, and to throw further light as an effective monitoring equipment.

0.3 Sec

Opening Speed

0.6 sec

Closing Speed


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