Enco.id Multi-ecosystem Cashless Payment Based on Domestic Production

The Indonesian Fintech Association (AFTECH) is holding the Indonesia Fintech Summit & Expo for two days on 23-24 September 2019 at the Jakarta Convention Center with the theme Innovation for Inclusion. This business forum features 250 financial technology (fintech) companies and more than 100 exhibitors about cashless payment.

One of the booths that was quite crowded with visitors was Enco.id. This startup is a product brand from the Delameta Bilano Group, a company that has obtained a payment gateway license from Bank Indonesia and has existed in the toll road payment integrator industry for nearly three decades. What caught the attention of visitors was that reader products from Enco.id were of domestic design and production and had high local content.

Enco’s mission is to continue to support the National Non-Cash Movement & National Payment Gateway launched by the government through Bank Indonesia.

Managing Director of Enco.id, Vandy Syams, said that his party was here to provide a multi-ecosystem cashless payment service with several alternatives, namely contactless card-based electronic money or QR Payment. Enco is also here with the hope of forming strategic partnerships with other fintech companies. “We are confident that we can collaborate, because our products are originally made in Indonesia and have reliability, and can strengthen the spirit of nationalism,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, Tasa Barley, Executive Director of the Fintech Association (AFTECH) also said that he would fully support the multi-ecosystem development that has been carried out by Enco. Moreover, this company is a local producer that continues to grow, so that the services of this product can be well received by the community.

According to him, Enco has good potential, because it is originally made domestically with intellectual property belonging to the nation’s children. Currently, Enco’s products are spread across several transportation ecosystems, such as the ecosystem of toll roads, ports and TransJakarta. Going forward, Enco will expand into other ecosystems such as retail merchants and meet export demand for Enco reader products in the Southeast Asia Region.